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2022: The Year of smHauler LLC | Small Business Resolutions and How We Plan to Crush Them

Cheers to a New Year 🥂

Here’s how we plan to crush our New Year’s resolutions and what’s in it for YOU. Get ready, because big things are coming for, and it’s all in the spirit of supporting small businesses.

If you follow @smHauler anywhere on social media, you’ve probably seen me teasing our anniversary relaunch happening the week of January 30th- just 24 more days! Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait that long to find out what all the hype is about. I’m spilling all of the details right here, right now.

Before I do that though, let’s go over WHY we are doing a major relaunch. What exactly are we trying to accomplish? Well, my sister (Mimi) and I started February 3, 2021 after a simple dinner table conversation. We didn’t have too much experience behind us before we started We both have recreation degrees and understood the basics of marketing, running a business, and the need we were trying to fulfill, but we have learned SO much more this past year. We’ve come so far, but we know there is much farther to go and it’s time to take it there!

Only OGs will remember the very first version of, which only lasted a month. We were uploading everyone’s products ourselves! We have since found much better ways to streamline the process of joining and uploading products for small business owners to give them more control. Even though the current version of is MILES ahead the first, we’ve been taking notes and planning on how to improve it for both shoppers and small business owners for months. We have also done a ton of research on how what we need to do to get out to more shoppers and create the marketplace we dream of filled with thousands of shoppers and small businesses each and every day. With that knowledge, here are the goals I have set out to reach by the end of 2022:

  • 5000 active storefronts
  • 40,000 visitors in the year of 2022
  • 5,000 email subscribers
  • 5,000 Instagram followers
  • 20,000 TikTok followers
  • 3,000 members in our Facebook group

These are some hefty goals- I’m aware. With the right dedication and willingness to learn anything is possible! I believe in smHauler LLC’s ability to change the game for small businesses whole heartedly. Here is all we plan to do to achieve each of these goals. Stay with me, you’re almost to the full reveal of our anniversary relaunch!

New Blog Posts Every Thursday in 2022

Yes! You read that right. New blog posts every single Thrusday in 2022 from smHauler LLC! We’ll be sharing seasonal shopping guides, highlighting small business owners, and tips for running a small business. On the first of each month we will welcome all of our newest Ultimate storefront members! This will help connect with all of you, increase our SEO, and improve traffic to Sign up for emails here so you don’t miss a single one!

Increase smHauler LLC's Presence Across Social Media

Most of our community colmes from TikTok, we’ve done pretty well on there! However, that’s only one out of FIVE that we plan to master in 2022. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are the other four. YouTube has been great for learning what to include in our social media marketing plan. Another great resource I have been LOVING is Coursera. There are thousands of free courses to help enhance skills you feel you may be lacking. Some have optional paid certifications, but if you sign up with my link we’ll each get a free one! My favorite course so far has been The Strategy Of Content Marketing, and up next I’ll be taking a course in WordPress SEO- all for free!

TWO New Digital Downloads Each Month

I recently asked on TikTok what the small business owners in our community struggle with most, and unsurprisingly the answer was marketing. Setting up a storefront here on is excellent to make your website easier to find for shoppers, but I know that you all don’t want to just rely on us for your marketing. You’ve got to get your own social media plans rolling too! The hardest part usually is staying consistent or lacking ideas of what to post. While not every digital download offered will be marketing focused, most will be. You can find January’s digital downloads here and here. Both are social media post packages that are ready to be scheduled! They are perfect to mix in with product photos, behind the scenes looks, and your products in action. 

Guess what else? Ultimate and Platinum storefront members will receive one digital download for FREE each month! This offer will begin January 30th for all new and current Ultimate or Platinum members. 


The details you’ve all been waiting for! We’ve learned so much this first year in operation. We’re ready to revamp the experience to provide more value for shoppers and businesses alike. Unfortunately, will be closed from January 23 to January 29 in order to make the website changes. Don’t worry, we’ll still be having fun on social media- including a huge giveaway for our small business owners! If you don’t already follow us, you can find us anywhere @smHauler, or find the links at the bottom of any page. Here’s what you can expect to see beginning January 30.

Entirely New will essentially function the same, but it will have a whole new look! The storefront manager for our businesses will run through a new system to bring you all better analytics, and eliminate errors this current system has. Registries for shoppers may not be available right away, but will be added by spring. I think you all will be so impressed once it launches! If there’s anything you are looking to see, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll see if we can make it happen! 

Added Value to Storefront Memberships

The basic membership will be remaining the same (it’s free!), but each paid tier will be getting some added bonuses- especially Ultimate! Remember that EVERY membership gains you access to marketplace benefits for your website, chances to be features on the homepage and social media, and a community of supportive small business owners.

  • Bronze ($5 monthly) – 5 product listings, 5% discount for Shop smHauler
  • Silver ($9 monthly) – 10 product listings, 10% discount for Shop smHauler
  • Gold ($16 monthly) – 20 product listings, 15% discount for Shop smHauler
  • Platinum ($25 monthly) – UNLIMITED product listings, 20% discount for Shop smHauler, 1 FREE digital download every month. 
  • Ultimate ($180 yearly) – UNLIMITIED product listings, 20% discount for Shop smHauler, 1 FREE digital download every month, optional welcome package, included in the monthly welcome blog post.

AMAZING right? The free digital download will be sent to the email you sign up with within the first week of each month and is chosen by smHauler LLC. The welcome package for Ultimate members is optional incase you do not wish to share your address. The welcome package will include a #HaulSmall sticker, 10 “review us on smHauler” thermal stickers with a QR code linked to your storefront (similar to what is linked), and a special postcard.


Since will be shut down for a week, we will be running a giveaway from January 23 to January 28 on our social media. There will FOUR winners, the prizes being: 

  • 1 Year Bronze Membership Subscription
  • 1 Year Silver Membership Subscription
  • 1 Year Gold Membership Subscription
  • 1 Year Ultimate Membership Subscription

You can find us anywhere on social media @smHauler, or find each page linked at the bottom of this page. Here is our Instagram link to stay informed on how to enter once the giveaway launches!

Ultimate Membership Sale

Yes- you can get an Ultimate membership on SALE! The only times storefront memberships will ever go on sale is for our anniversary, and Black Friday in July. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer a discount on our monthly subscriptions. BUT the offer we’ll make you for an Ultimate Membership is one you simply won’t be able to resist. This sale will take place from January 30 to February 5. Sign up for emails so you don’t miss it!

Phew, that was a lot! If you stuck with me until the end- thank you! The support smHauler LLC has received is truly unbelievable. Hopefully you see our gratitude displayed in our anniversary celebration plans and are ready for an amazing 2022!

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