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3 Easy Small Business Product Swaps

3 Easy Small Business Product Swaps

3 Products You Already Buy that You can Purchase from Small Businesses

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We’re almost halfway through 2022 and I know we all have a long list of goals we’d like to accomplish before the year is over! If supporting small businesses is on your list, here are 3 products you’re already buying that can instead be purchased from small businesses! 

1. Soap

Everyone has soap by the sink in their house… or at least I hope they do! Soap is one of the easiest swaps you can make when switching to buying from small businesses. Some of smHauler LLC’s favorite soap makers include Selphf, Nature’s Drops by Lee, and Emerts Cove Soaps.

Why is buying soap better from small businesses?

Shopping from small businesses offers a more personalized experience. You can choose to look for soap made out of all natural products, soap with a strong fragrance, or maybe no fragrance at all. Small business owners create all kinds of soaps making it easier to find exactly what you are looking for!

2. Candles

Who doesn’t love a good smelling home? I know I do! I love lighting a candle after I’ve finished cleaning or when I’m getting ready to relax with a good book. I’ve ordered amazing candles from Yim Creations, and also recommend lovemaeco and Mystic Candles and Soaps

What makes candles from small businesses better?

You’re going to find that I can’t speak for all small businesses, but I find more often than not when it comes to small business candle makers, using soy wax over any other kind of wax is a priority. Soy wax gives off a clean burn and are much better not only for the environment, but also you!

Vie Max Candle Cement Candles.

3. Cards and Gifts

With wedding and grad season upon us along with all the summer baby birthdays coming up, cards and gifts are high on my “To Buy” list! Buying gifts for others can be difficult, but The Thank You Card Store has tons of cards perfect for any occasion and the personalized gift boxes from BYOBoss Life and The Sister Market make gift giving a breeze!

Is buying gifts from small businesses really easier?

Yes! Small businesses are owned by real people, just like you and me. With that, their personalities shine through into the products they offer. These unique products make perfect gifts speaking to pretty much everyone!

BYOBoss Life Subscription Box

I told you these were products you already had on your shopping list! Which one are you shopping for first? I think I’m going to start stocking up on gifts for the summer!

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