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5 Things Small Business Owners Wish Their Shoppers Knew

5 Things Small Business Owners Wish Their Shoppers Knew

As a shopper, knowing these 5 things will help make your small business shopping experience even better!

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Small business owners get it, you’re a shopper. Running a small business is not your area of expertise and it shouldn’t be. That’s what they’re here for! But, there are some things small business owners wish you knew. Knowing and being aware of these 5 things will better your small business shopping experience… and also make you feel really smart next time you’re sharing your shopping tips at brunch!

1. "Small Business" does not equal "Handmade"

It’s a common misconception that all small business owners make their own products. This misconception hurts the legitimate small business owners that don’t make their own product but still sell high quality products. According to the Small Business Administration, a small business is “an independent business having fewer than 500 employees”. Yeah, 500 employees doesn’t sound very small, but when compared to the approximate 2.3 million Walmart employs, it’s pretty small! Notice how the definition does not include the word “handmade”? Anyone selling product with less that 500 employees is a legitimate small business! So, don’t count the boutique down the street out when you say you love shopping small. features over 70o small businesses you can shop from, including handmade and not handmade businesses!

2. Cheaper isn't always better

Finding products within your budget is important when it comes to your financial goals, but cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Let’s consider this scenario to better understand why; Search “tumbler” on the smHauler marketplace. Over 10 different small businesses come up selling tumblers in a range of different prices. The lowest priced tumbler and the highest priced tumbler might look the same on the surface, but when you start considering where the supplies are sourced from, the quality of those supplies, if the design is original or not, and how much the creator is paid hourly, the price begins to differ. In general, higher quality can be assumed with a higher price. We’re not just talking about the product here either, we’re talking customer service, shipping time, and better return policies if you’re not 100% satisfied with your order. Take these things into consideration next time you’re just looking for the cheapest option!

3. Patience is a virtue

It’s a cliché, but for good reason. Remember how we talked about earlier that small businesses on average have less than 1% of the employees big businesses do? That means some things can take a little longer when there’s only one or two people working on your order. But the wait will be worth it! I don’t know a single small business owner that doesn’t put all their effort into each and every order they receive. Small business owners need to sleep and eat too though! 

4. Don't be afraid to ask questions

It’s ok to ask questions about your order! A smart small business owner will have an FAQ page on their website, but if they don’t, feel free to shoot them a DM or email asking whatever questions you may have! Knowing what size the product is, if it comes in custom colors, and how fast it will arrive. Small business owners love to answer your questions and help make your experience shopping with them as stress free as possible!

5. Your support means everything

We’ve all heard that when you buy from a small business, the owner does a little happy dance! It really is true. When you shop small, you’re buying from people, not just another greedy CEO. The person on the other end of that website is so appreciative of your support! And support doesn’t just mean purchasing. Sharing posts on social media and telling all your friends about your small business finds means the world too! Who knows, maybe their next customer is in your circle of friends.

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