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Happy Pride Month! Join smHauler in celebrating and supporting LGBTQ+ owned small businesses YEAR ROUND!

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smHauler is proud to welcome ALL small business owners and shoppers to our community.

This is not something special, this should just be the standard. However, The Society for Human Rights, the first LGBTQ+ rights organization in the United States, was established in 1924. It is now almost a century later and the LGBTQ+ community is still not respected as they deserve to be. This is why we have an entire month dedicated to them and learning about related history so we don’t make the same mistakes moving forward. smHauler is so happy to support LGBTQ+ owned small businesses year round!

One of the best things about the small business community is that it is so diverse and allows shoppers to find unique products that speak to them, or one of a kind solutions that would otherwise probably not exist in a world overrun by corporations. In America alone there are over 1.4 million small businesses that are LGBTQ+ owned. Imagine if all of those business owners were shunned and not allowed to contribute- think of all that would be missing! Not for nothing, these small businesses also contribute almost $2 trillion to the economy and thousands of jobs. LGBTQ+ Business Owners deserve the same respect as any others!

*Your value is not determined by what you are able to contribute to society. This is just to emphasize how important diversity and acceptance is. We are happy to have you as a part of this community exactly as you are 💙

smHauler does not tolerate hate or discrimination of any kind. If you find any products or businesses that go against this, please reach out to us. We will not represent any businesses that do not respect members of their community or human rights.

LGBTQIA+ Small Business Badge. Teal circle with rainbow LGBTQIA+ letters. This badge represents LGBTQ+ owned small businesses

If you’re ready to start shopping LGBTQ+ Owned Small Businesses, smHauler has made it easy for you to find them. Just look for the badge pictured under and business name. Business Names are listed with each product. This badge is always displayed, making it easy to support LGBTQ+ owned small businesses any time of year.

If you are a small business listed and would like to display this badge, please submit your badge application here.

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I am a proud supporter of LGBTQ+ Owned small businesses. Check out smHauler’s Pride month blog to see how easy it is to support year round!

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