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What Type of Shopper are You?

If you don’t love shopping, you might have accidentally taken a wrong turn. But since you’re here, stick around and see how smHauler can help make shopping an experience you can’t get enough of. is constantly adding new features to make shopping small easier than ever. Here are a few of our favorites:

Wish Lists- Did you know you could make a wish list on It makes it so easy to keep track of your favorite products so you don’t have to find them again when you’re ready to purchase. Just create an account in the main menu, and hit the heart under each product while you’re shopping. You can share your wish list on social media to start dropping some hints, or be bold and send it directly to someone via email or WhatsApp. This feature is especially great during the holidays!

Badges- Next to each business name you may see little circles with images in them. These are our business badges! It may be important to you to support a specific community or to make sure a business offers a type of shipping. Just hover over each badge to see what it stands for. 

Gift Guides- smHauler releases gift guides for almost every holiday and occasion. These make it super easy to find a gift perfect for any friend, that special someone, or you! You can find all of these on our blog here. Be sure to sign up for emails so you don’t miss when we release new ones!

Filters- If you go to the Shop by Product page you’ll see a few filters at the top. This helps you find products in your budget, of a certain category, or only shop top rated products.

Facebook Group for Small Biz Shopaholics- Join our Facebook group for proud small business supporters to connect with people that share your passion. Shopping with besties is always the way to go! You share your hauls here, ask for recommendations, or share anything else related to shopping small!

Do you think we’re missing something that would take shopping on to the next level? Let us know! We love hearing your feedback

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