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Holiday Gift Guide From Small Businesses | Online Shopping Made Easy

Holiday Gift Guide from Small Businesses | Online Shipping Made Easy

#HaulSmall with ease for the holidays! smHauler has rounded up 17 amazing products that will make fantastic gifts for anyone on your lists- all from small businesses! What makes a small business gift so great? It’s guaranteed to be unique! Not only is it likely that the recipient won’t receive anything from the same business as you choose,  many of these products can also be customized. The quality these small businesses are able to provide will blow you away- and the best part? Not a single gift in this list will cost you over $40! If you see a product you love, just tap the image or title to view it’s product listing. Happy shopping!


Christmas lights are the best part of the season- they really just brighten up a room! This festive cup is the only way any of use should be drinking our iced coffee from November to December.

This candle is evergreen scented, so if you don’t get a real Christmas tree, this is perfect way to bring that same holiday scent home! Made from natural coconut and soy wax for the clean burn.

Who doesn’t love an ugly sweater design? These couples t-shirts are perfect for the sassy couple that tends to argue just a bit. Have a laugh while keeping it festive!

All you need is peace, love, and Santa! OK, maybe you need a little more for most times of the year, but for the holidays this really is about it! This tee is perfect for any upcoming holiday parties you or a friend may have.

Tumblers & Cups

Life is the bubbles 🧜🏼‍♀️ We all have that friend that wishes they were a mermaid princess instead. Gift them this cup to help them feel like they are just one step closer each time they sip on their iced coffee.

Looking for something ultra unique that is sure to impress? Have a custom epoxy tumbler made! Just choose your size, and explain your vision in the description box. You can select a custom name with glitter, or even a custom decal choice!

This one is for the gym lover in your life. No one can ever have enough shaker bottles to mix their protein shakes with! 

For the Home

This peppermint and eucalyptus room spray is the perfect way to add  subtle holiday scent to any home. Each spray is only made with 3 ingredients, so it’s non toxic and great for those with sensitive noses.  Add a candy cane and a pretty bow for a great hostess gift under $15!

Gift a one-of-a-kind art piece with function! Abstract art is a fun gift for anyone, and will make a great conversation piece. Gift all of them together, or split up the set and gift them to all of your besties like they adult version of friendship bracelets!

A custom US State bottle opener is the perfect gift for a traveler or for someone that just moved. Gift their home state, the new state they live in, or the most favorite one they’ve visited. It’s the perfect subtle yet unique touch to any home bar or bar cart.

Jewelry & Accessories

This ring is completely customizable and available in sizes 3-16! You can choose to have 5 of one birthstone, or a variety of birthstones. This make a great gift for mothers- just choose the birthstone of each of their children!

These gorgeous earrings are made with semi precious stones, and you can choose from 12 different ones! Each stone has a different meaning and energy, so to put an extra special touch on your gift, do a quick search to see what each stone means and choose the one that will fit the recipient best!

For your dog dads and dog mamas 🐶 The doo pal is a handy gift for those that love to go for daily walks with their fur babies. Hands free disposal for a happy walk that makes for a happy dog!

With 19 character choices for these crocheted keychains, you can choose the perfect buddy to keep your friend company when you aren’t there. Get matching ones for the ultimate besties gift!

For Anyone on Your List

This book box includes a great new book, some chocolate, tea or cocoa, stickers, a cute new bookmark, socks, a pen, a scrunchie, and a little notebook! This box is a readers paradise- plus no need to for wrapping!

Body butters feel SO luxurious- they are the PERFECT gift for anyone, especially someone that loves practicing self care with bath and body products. The fruity scent is sweet with just a little bit of tang. Get the 1.5oz to stock a stuffing, or get the larger 3.25oz size for $16.99 for the best gift under $20!

The #HaulSmall Sweatshirt makes a cozy gift for any proud small business supporter in your life. Super soft, super cute- you can’t go wrong! Use code HOLIDAYS at checkout for 15% off your entire order in the smHauler Company Store.

Don't forget to make your own wish list!

Did you know you could make your own wish list on Just create an account in the main menu, and start hitting the heart 💗 under each product on the shop page! Once you’ve loaded it up with your favorite small business finds, you can share it via email, WhatsApp, or social media! You can also print it out to send to the North Pole! Your wishlist will be stored under My account > Wishlist. 

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Omg- have you seen this holiday gift ideas from smHauler yet? Each gift is unique from a small business and nothing is over $40! 🤩


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