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About smHauler LLC

What is smHauler LLC? 

smHauler LLC is the collection of and Shop smHauler. smhauler LLC’s mission is to connect shoppers with small business websites around the world. We make supporting small businesses a breeze while offering free and affordable marketing to small business owners. is the marketplace for small business websites around the world. Basically, an online mall created to host small businesses. Simply find what you’re looking for, and follow the link to complete your purchase with the small business. Shop smHauler houses creative and supportive merchandise from the smHauler LLC team.

Who is smHauler LLC?

smHauler LLC started out of “Flat Mimosa” with Mimi, Jessie, (twin sisters) and Zack (Mimi’s boyfriend) on February 3, 2021. Mimi and Zack still help out, but otherwise smHauler LLC is mostly run by Jessie. Of course, we can’t forget our interns Daisy Mae and Rex. They aren’t very helpful but they sure are cute!

Jessie graduated from SUNY Brockport with a degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies in 2019. Sure, it sounds like all she knows is fun and games, but her courses actually taught her a lot about entrepreneurship and creating an enjoyable experience for others, which has proven to be very useful in the creation smHauler LLC. Jessie has always LOVED to shop and she gets it from her momma. Her shopping experience helps to make not only a place to make purchases, but a place to explore and create happiness.

How did smHauler LLC come to be?

smHauler LLC was created after Jessie decided she was fed up with having to scour social media or search engines for hours to try to find a small business website that sold what she was looking for. Mimi, a small business owner, agreed that it was too difficult for small businesses to make their websites easy to find for their target shoppers. All they wanted was  shoppable marketplace platform so small businesses that choose to operate on separate websites could be found with ease. So, they made it!

Ok, but smHauler?

smHauler is pronounced like “smaller”. Yeah, that capital H is what gets people- you aren’t the only one to say “ess em Hauler”, it’s ok! While trying to come up with business names, Jessie came up with #HaulSmall, but it wasn’t quite a business name. #HaulSmall means to shop small and plays off of all of the hauls people share on social media. Plus, it rhymes! Mimi started throwing out words and smHauler just came out and felt like a perfect fit.

Be sure to use #HaulSmall on social media so we can see what goodies you find while shopping on!

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