smHauler LLC

Product Guidelines

The following guidelines outlined are for protection and compliance only. They are not meant to discriminate against any businesses listing products. Should your product listing be denied for any of the guidelines and you would like to appeal the denial, contact via email.

Upon applying, if you think your product may be denied due to these guidelines, but you have proof of local, state, and federal law compliance, please include that in the product description.

Product Guidelines

-Products may not contain illegal substances

-Products intended for adult use only must state so in the product description 

-Products may not contain copyright material under any circumstance

-Products may not contain harmful, hurtful, racist, or otherwise deemed inappropriate content

-Product listings MUST include a “Shop Now” button. To learn how to create this button in your listing, click here

-Products must be listed with functional links. Products WILL be removed if they have broken links or links that lead the shopper to inaccurate webpages

Products must be individually listed. Product listings cannot lead to a webpage of multiple products to shop from (ex. catalog pages)

-Products must comply with local, state, and federal laws

-Products must be physical, downloadable, or otherwise obtainable to the customer (no services)

smHauler LLC reserves the right to deny any businesses and or products that the smHauler LLC review team feels is not appropriate for for any reasons within these guidelines or not.