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1 Hour Website Review Coaching Call

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60 minute Zoom call, where I review your business’ website and give you my best suggestions for optimizing it for more sales.

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We will cover:

Technical suggestions for website improvements that will optimize for:

  • SEO – search engine optimization
  • User experience design
  • Marketing strategies and positioning

Creative and design suggestions for website improvements that will help infuse personality into the site, as well as make for a consistent and aesthetically pleasing user experience.

Review of organization of content, and overall flow of the website.

If the website has an e-commerce element:

  • Review of the flow of the checkout process
  • Review of the product visuals / presentation
  • Recommendations for design updates that will encourage customer action

If the website has a blog element:

  • Technical suggestions for blog post improvements that will help broaden the post reach, so that you can get in front of more of the RIGHT people.
  • Creative suggestions for blog post improvements so that the posts look consistent within the feed.
  • Review of the blog collection page, and technical/creative suggestions on improvement.

Looking forward to chatting with you!

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