smHauler LLC

Our boutique is a family-operated enterprise, and we work together to provide our clients with quality products and top-notch customer service. As the primary shopper for the Yandell Family, Lanea has developed a keen eye for deals and details. She uses that same sense and passion to personally select clothing, accessories, and gifts for Three6Teen. Daughter Zoe inherited her momma’s style savvy and helps select, model, and ship products for customers. A tech guy by trade, dad Wes oversees the shop’s website and manages the behind-the-scenes side of the online store.
The name Three6Teen truly embodies who we are as a family. Wes and Lanea were married on March 16 (3/16). Wes, Lanea, and Zoe work as a trio to run the business, which also helps support their household of six. The scripture John 3:16 is also a meaningful one to Zoe and her faith.
Launching Three6Teen was our long-time family dream coming true. We are proud of the products we offer and grateful for the customers we serve. Our hope is to provide all who visit our shop with items they need, love and treasure for years to come!