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Storefront Verification

What is Storefront Verification?
Storefront Verification is an OPTIONAL process for small businesses on to participate in. Completion of this process will grant each business a blue checkmark badge for their storefront and a review from a member of the smHauler LLC team. Steps for the process can be found below. will NEVER ask any business to complete this form.
Why is Storefront Verfication offered?
smHauler LLC implemented this process in order to create another trust symbol for shoppers. With millions of places to choose to shop from on the internet, shoppers are more likely to shop from businesses they know they can trust. tries to support as many small businesses through purchases as budget allows. This process for businesses who do not want to wait for a member of smHauler LLC to make a purchase for verification.
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Getting verified on is a two part process. Only the completion of  this from AND a successful delivery of the product described to smHauler LLC will guarantee verification. Anyone who completes both steps to satisfaction will be verified, as long as you have answered yes to all multiple choice questions in the form below. Answering no to any of the multiple choice questions forfeits your verification application. 

smHauler LLC does not require storefronts to become verified and success on is not determined by verification. This application process is completely optional. Storefronts also have a chance to become verified if smHauler LLC decides to make a purchase on their own free will from a small business listed with them. smHauler LLC will never ask for a small business listed with them to fill out this form, it will only ever be an option.

Please do not feel obligated to send something large. or costly. The product sent must be one your small business sells in order to grant verification, but can be as “small” as a sticker. The point of the verification process is to legitimize your small business and the quality of products.

smHauler LLC will NEVER send DMs or emails to small businesses listed with them to fill out this form. If you receive a message that asks you to do so, please delete and report it immediately to smHauler LLC via email at Products for verification purposes should only be sent to:

smHauler is currently changing PO Box addresses and will update this page and we have a new one. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Any other addresses do not belong to us.

If you are interested in receiving other badges for your storefront, please fill out the Storefront Badge Application. These badges do not require confirmation of received product.

Please note: this process does not guarantee sales or profits otherwise. Social media posts are not promised, however they are likely. smHauler LLC understands this process is a cost to your business and we are grateful for any small business that takes the time to complete it. We do not promise social media posts due to other possible time commitments. Thank you for understanding.