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Terms & Conditions

This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By signing up to you agree to this policy and our Terms of Use, also referred to as Terms and Conditions.

Store Requirements

smHauler LLC does not accept links that lead to etsy, depop, ebay, mercari, poshmark, social media or similar marketplace platforms. smHauler LLC also does NOT accept MLMs or network marketing related businesses. This is to focus on our efforts on creating a marketplace platform for individual small business websites. To further explain this, smHauler LLC does not want to lose traffic to other marketplace platforms and businesses that are not affiliated with Businesses may use marketplace platforms in conjunction with their websites and, but all links on must lead to individual website platforms.

All businesses signing up for a storefront MUST have a website with a fully functional checkout system. 

All businesses MUST be considered a small business under the SBA. If you need help determining if you qualify or not, please use the SBA size calculator.

ONLY small business OWNERS and REPRESENTATIVES of the business applying may submit an application for their business to be a part of

Only one account per website/per small business is permitted. One business may not have multiple accounts.

Only one business is permitted to be listed per account. Business cannot split memberships, each needs their own account.

smHauler LLC reserves the right to accept and deny any business under any circumstances. If you are denied, smHauler LLC will contact you with the reason for denial. If you are denied, please do not hesitate to reapply with the correct requirements.

Product Guidelines

The following guidelines outlined are for protection and compliance only. They are not meant to discriminate against any businesses listing products. Should your product listing be suspected of violating these product guidelines, the product listing will be drafted and you will be notified via the email connected to your account.

-Products may not contain illegal substances

-Products intended for adult use only must state so in the product description and MUST use a child (17 and under) safe photo as its first product photo. Legally, you MUST include a 18+ warning in this photo and the description. 

Products may not contain copyright material under any circumstance. Copyright and Trademark terms cannot be used in ANY part of your product photos, descriptions, or tags.

-Products MUST be properly linked. A properly linked product listing has a button labeled “Buy Now”, or similar, with a link that leads to the direct product page on the website it is sold on. Shoppers should be able to view an individual products page, similar to the ones on, with an “add to cart” option. Links that lead to category pages or homepages are NOT accepted as valid product links.

-Products must be listed with unique links. The same link cannot be used for more than one item.

-Products links must be working. Products with broken links will be drafted.

-Products must be properly categorized. Any products that appear to be taking advantage of the categories (such as ones that don’t fit, or excessive use) will be drafted. Appropriate categories are based on the general use in online stores. If you feel a product has been unfairly drafted, please send an email to to discuss. Ultimately smHauler LLC will make the final decision in whether or not a category is deemed appropriate.

-Products must comply with local, state, and federal laws.

-Products must be physical, downloadable, or otherwise obtainable to the customer (sorry, no services).

-Products must not be related to any MLM or pyramid scheme. 

Upon listing your products with smHauler LLC, you agree to smHauler LLC using the information and photos provided on for any purposes. 

smHauler LLC reserves the right to deny any businesses and or products that the smHauler LLC review team feels is not appropriate for for any reasons within these guidelines or not. 


Your first monthly payment is due upon acceptance. If a payment is not received or payment method is declined, the buyer forfeits the ownership of any services purchased. All payments for are non-refundable.

No transactions take place on Transactions for products listed on will take place on the linked websites. These business websites are run independently of smHauler LCC and thus smHauler LCC is not responsible for any actions that do not take place on is NOT a place to sell, it is a place to make it easy for small businesses to be found


A monthly membership plan must be canceled before your subscription renewal. You will receive email reminders. When it is canceled the store will move to free Basic membership of All products will be drafted. 

How to cancel your membership: 

  1.  Sign into your account and go to the storefront manager.
  2.  Click on the Membership tab.
  3.  Use the drop down menu to update to your desired membership
  4.  For PayPal, first sign into your account. Then, use the “Pay and Get paid” drop down menu and select subscriptions. Here you can find your recurring payment and cancel it. If you are unable to do this, please email immediately.
  5.  For Stripe, please email us directly at and we will verify that your subscription has been canceled.

If you want to totally remove your storefront from email us at and your storefront will be removed from Terminating your storefront agreement will remove all information and photos your business has provided from and its databases. You MUST cancel any paid subscriptions before we can remove your account. Failure to do so before the next pay period will NOT result in a refund. 


smHauler LCC is not responsible for any products listed on smHauler LLC is not responsible for any action taken off of including, but not limited to- selling, buying, or communication.

These terms and conditions are subject to change.