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Weekly Features Submission Forms

Do you want your small business’s products featured on’s homepage? Submit them in the forms below! Here’s the requirements and how it will work:

Each week smHauler features 4 new products on the homepage, which also get sent out in an email and posted to our social media pages. If you would like to be considered for a homepage feature, please read all details and submit the forms you qualify for below. If you do not follow instructions properly, smHauler will NOT consider you for that weekly feature and it may affect your business’s ability to featured in the future. Thank you for respecting our time, as we do yours! 

  • Product Links MUST lead to active products on, not on your website. smHauler would like to schedule these posts and emails in advance, so we need the active link to your listing.
  • Please commit to keeping this product listing the same until you’ve been notified we were not able to feature you, or until the week has passed. Again, the posts and emails will be scheduled in advance so we need active links to effectively promote your products. This means once you have submitted your product, you may not switch it out for a different product, or remove it from
  • Please note the theme/category that we are looking to feature. Submitting products that are unrelated may cause you to be banned from homepage features.
  • This is NOT a guarantee that your products will be featured. We appreciate you taking the time to submit your product listings and will notify you if they have not been chosen ASAP, in the case you’d like to switch the product and submit for another week. This depends on how many submissions we get, and may not possible, but we will do our best.
If you do not have a storefront account, you can sign up here. If you have any questions, please email before submitting.

July 4-10: Watermelon Features
July is National Watermelon Month! Submit products that have a watermelon theme.

July 11-17: Dorm Necessities
The time for college students to head back to campus is approaching fast! We want to feature any dorm essentials like decor, organization, or other products that may be good for new college students.

July 18-24: Philanthropic
We want to feature products that support a cause or donate to charities. Please make sure your product listing is clear as to what cause it supports and where proceeds are donated.

July 25-31: Christmas in July
Let’s give our shoppers a taste of that holiday spirit! 

August 1-7: Back To School
Any products that are perfect for back to school- focusing on students/kids, not teachers.

August 8-14: Art
August is American Artists Appreciation month- submit any art you have! While we know lots of your creations can be considered art, we are looking to feature specifically art pieces. Wall art, sculptures, maybe stickers.

August 15-21: Fashion
Anything clothing. We are looking for items outside of graphic tees, but may feature those if that’s all that is available. We are looking for more boutique clothing.

August 22-28: Dogs
International Dog Day is  August 26th. We are looking to feature products for furry friends and dog lovers.

August 29-September 4: Liptember
Share any lip products. Lip gloss, lip balm, lip scrubs, lip masks, etc.

September 5-12: Mental Health Awareness/Positivity
September is National Suicide Prevention Month. We will be featuring products that promote mental health awareness or postivity.